Arla serves you FSC for a perfect breakfast!
The global dairy company created an on-package campaign using Forests For All Forever to promote responsible forests management directly on its milkbottles.

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Hover the milk bottle with your mouse to zoom in and see the product campaign integration from close.

Global dairy company Arla highlights the role of FSC.

In September, international dairy cooperative Arla launched a campaign to give more visibility to FSC on its eco-friendly packaging in Denmark.
Arla redesigned its cardboard packaging for the campaign, with one side devoted to explaining what the FSC label means.
Arla Foods, based in Denmark, is the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia. The dairy cooperative is already promoting FSC through its FSC-certified milk cartons produced by Elopak, and the FSC label is a part of its day-to-day communications around its milk products. FSC is also a key element of the company’s zero-waste strategy. The strategy aims at decreasing Arla’s negative impact on the planet by setting ambitious goals for reduction of waste and CO2 emissions.

FSC Denmark hopes that the campaign will help raise awareness of FSC among Danish consumers:

“We are very happy that Arla will help us raise awareness on FSC. With broad campaigns like this one, hopefully more consumers will become aware of the importance of the FSC label, and be empowered to change the nature of our forests through buying wood and paper products from forests that are managed responsibly.”


Ida Rehnström, Head of Communications, FSC Denmark.





Campaign creation : Arla + FSC Denmark

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